Off You Go!

Lurker. Though I had followed an acquaintance’s blog for some time, I actually had to look up the definition. According to Wikipedia a lurker is “a member of an online community who does not actively participate.” How could a blogger use that term to describe herself? Wouldn’t writing a blog reflect active participation?

Perhaps the term more appropriately represents me. Oh, wait. That would assume membership in an actual online community! But what is an online community and what are the qualifications? Is it surfing the Internet or reading an occasional blog post? Is it having extensive knowledge of a topic or just the confidence to make it seem like you do? Blogging. Tweeting. As far as I know, these are things that only super-cool or super-knowledgeable people do. People who are witty and have influence. They write about celebrities or pop culture, commenting on the latest and hottest trends. They write about family or daily life, imparting their wisdom onto others. And though entertaining at times, blogs have never really held my interest.

Until this summer.

Where my search began on that fateful day continues to elude me. But wherever it started, it landed me in the world of education blogs. Math blogs to be more precise. The first blog I happened upon was this one. Wow! This was something I could connect with. Identify with. It’s relevant to me and my life. It mimics my desire for growth and development, my goals to enrich my curriculum through differentiation and hands-on activities. The ideas captivated me and I began to soak them in like a sponge, eager and excited to put each one into practice.

The words had lit another spark. Blogging. Tweeting. Maybe these are things that I could do. But, do I have something to offer the world? Will others value my experience and knowledge? Will anyone even care to read my blog or follow my tweets?

Recent opportunities to develop curriculum and advise other teachers has given me an incredible boost of confidence.

So… Enough sitting on the sidelines, Adrienne! Put your reservations aside, and off you go!


About shlager

I'm a teacher and rookie math coach who loves designing tasks to motivate, engage, and challenge, a mom to 4 yummy kids, and wife to a hockey lover. Happiness is getting everything organized!
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