Favorites of 2012


Back in July I happened upon the I Speak Math blog . That led me to a world that I never new existed. Only in the last week or so have I begun to blog and tweet. It’s with a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment that I participate in my first MS Sunday Funday and share some of my favorites in 2012.

  1. Dry erase boards – These little white wonders allow everyone (from the shy student to the outgoing one) to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding simultaneously. With students revealing their answers in the air, feedback is easy! There’s the quick thumbs up for accurate solutions or a “Hmmm. Take a look at…” when an aspect of the solution needs attention. I love hearing the board clunk down on the table as a student begins to revise the solution, and the subsequent “yes” when success is achieved.
  2. 10-sided Dice – It’s amazing how the simple roll of a die transforms simple practice into something grand. All of a sudden there is a greater willingness to engage.
  3. Language in Math – The integration of discussion and written expression into my classroom routine has been happening over the past few years  (which probably disqualifies it as a favorite for 2012). As my role has expanded to partner with other teachers to differentiate in the classroom, I realize how valuable language is for constructing understanding and applying knowledge. Even a brief pause to allow for peer discussion before continuing with frontal lesson is worthwhile.
  4. Math Stations – Stations have become another tool in my math practice repertoire. While this may be oversimplifying, there is something appealing about the movement from one station to the next. Freedom (to move about the room), responsibility (to meet expectations) and accomplishment (when completing one station and moving on to the next) come to mind.
  5. Interactive Student Notebooks – Foldables are awesome! As a lover of all things organized, the ISN had me at “Hello”. As a newbie, I am still struggling with what information deserves a place on the pages and how to use the ISN effectively (one of my goals for 2013).
  6. NCTM Regional Conference in Hartford – This my first experience at any professional development conference and it was like hitting the jackpot. Hundreds of professionals collaborating and sharing all in one place! Lectures. Hands-on workshops. Resources. Theories. Just the memory of it makes me salivate!
  7. Blogging and Tweeting – Continuous opportunities for professional development. Need I say more?

Looking forward to 2013!

About shlager

I'm a teacher and rookie math coach who loves designing tasks to motivate, engage, and challenge, a mom to 4 yummy kids, and wife to a hockey lover. Happiness is getting everything organized!
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4 Responses to Favorites of 2012

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  2. Mandy B says:

    I wish I had joined NCTM in time to attend the conference this year! I feel like I missed out. Hopefully, I will be able to attend next year.

    I totally agree with your sentiments about dry erase boards and interactive math journals. Love them both!

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