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A Classroom That’s Distinctly Mine: MTBoS Mission #1

My classroom feels like a unique place for learning math, though it may be similar to others found in the MTBoS. It is nothing remarkable, extraordinary or spectacular, but it is also not the standard, expected, cookie-cutter lesson. My classroom … Continue reading

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Hurray! My First Global Math Presentation!

Hurray for me! Though slightly terrified, I presented for the first time at Global Math (without talking at the speed of light)! The topic for the evening – My Favorites: Let’s Get it Organized! The favorite shared was a sorting … Continue reading

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Homework Review – A Work in Progress

Insert here your remark about my homework blog post being one day late! Homework in math is expected. Review and practice are seen as part of developing automaticity and fluency. My students are assigned homework after they have had the … Continue reading

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Self-Checking = Brilliance!

Copies of the answer key are at the front of the room. When you are finished with your test, come up and mark your work. Please leave your pencil at your desk and use one of the green pens. Circle … Continue reading

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Wish Granted!

“IPEVO Wishpool: Your wish just came true.” Oh, how I loved seeing that message in my email! Those words were wonderful validation, an affirmation of my teaching and pedagogy. During a Global Math Department webinar a number of weeks ago, … Continue reading

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